CJ's Plan as of 5/22/2020

	My plan is pretty simple. Hopefully something more complex emerges

	I am leaving my job on September 4th, 2020

	After leaving I will be building open source software full time.

	The intention is not FOSS, but SOSS. Sustainable Open Source Software.

	The driving principle is to connect lots of data sources while maintaining user privacy.
	I'm extremely excited to enter this arena full time. I plan to make the journey as public as possible.

	I don't know where I'm going to live yet.	
	  - $2000/mo for total living cost
	  - Want to be near ocean to learn how to surf
	  - Want to be relatively close to the mountains to hike and rock climb
	  - Seems like staying in SD is the best option, but I have to lower my rent cost.

	email:    [email protected]
	twitter:  @cjpais
	phone:    +1-916-622-6023